In addition to our digital products and tools we offer traditional orthodontic products, fabricated with consistent know-how, quality, rigor and precision to serve your performance.

More than 25 years of experience make us one of the leading technocentre in orthodontics in Europe.

Functional Appliances

Our strength is to offer all types of mechanisms, allowing you to prescribe the individual approach for each of your patients.

Removable Appliances

We offer solutions that allow to provide the most efficient and adapted treatment for your patients, as well as all kinds of splints and retainers, holding teeth in position after surgery or any method for realigning teeth.

  • andresen-activator

    Andresen Activator

    Different options available with a choice of several accessories such as facebow (classical or anterior hinged), screw, hooks, tubes etc.

  • balters-activator

    Balters Activator

    The Balters activation will be realized following your prescriptions; type Cl I, Cl II, Cl III

  • sleep-apnea appliance

    Sleep Apnea Appliance

    Custom-made, it consists of two transparent resin appliances that are interconnected by a system of mandibular advancement.

  • lingual-night-appliance

    Lingual Night Appliance

    The NLE is a functional device of lingual rehabilitation that teaches the correct position of the tongue that is most important for dental balance.

  • herbst


    Very effective, active appliance, fabricated either with stainless steel crowns, bands or on splints.

  • pul


    Regulator, benefitting from extensive technological research with new miniaturized rods, thermoformed splints, specific springs, laser welding…

  • damon-splint

    Damon Splint

    A Damon Splint is a specific type of retainer that holds both tooth alignment and bite correction at the same time.

  • resin-appliance

    Resin Appliance

    With or without extra oral force, these appliances are all manufactured on articulator Sam II.

  • hawley-retainer

    Hawley Retainer

    Available in a wide range of colors, this retainer can be fabricated in various options by adding accessories such as jacks, springs, lifting devices and more.

  • spring-retainer

    Spring Retainer

    The spring retainer may be used as simple contention or as active contention, in this case it will be manufactured based on a set-up.

Fixed Appliances

Fixed appliances are the most commonly used appliances and are able to produce very precise tooth movement to achieve ideal results. treatment usually starts once all the adult teeth have erupted and usually lasts for 18-24 months. All fixed appliance treatment is followed by retention.

Indirect Bonding

The indirect bonding technique optimizes fixed appliance installation at the orthodontic office, ensuring precise bracket positioning, among other advantages. The CAD – CAM method guarantees a perfect positioning due to setup simulation.

  • goshgarian-arch

    Goshgarian Arch

    Fixed appliance to be used in Class II malocclusion treatment, attached to the braces on the back teeth and conforms to the shape of the palate as it crosses over, activated by the tongue whenever the patient swallows.

  • nance-arch

    Nance Arch

    The Nance Holding Arch (“Nance button”) consists of two bands around the back teeth and an acrylic button that covers part of the anterior palate; may also be used as a space maintainer.

  • lingual-arch

    Lingual Arch

    Fabricated by placing bands on the molars, that are connected to the arch wire. The wire can be soldered to the bands or inserted into lingual sheaths welded to the molar band.

  • palatal-expander

    Palatal Expander

    Palatal arch expansion is one of the most common ways to eliminate crowding and cross bites. An expander is attached to the upper arch by bands placed around the teeth or plastic bonded over the teeth.

  • distal-jet

    Distal Jet

    Fixed appliance that uses a combination of springs and set screws, designed for either unilateral or bilateral molar distalization; may also incorporate an expansion screw for arch expansion.

  • thumb-appliance

    Thumb Appliance

    The crib consists of semicircular stainless steel wires that are fastened to molars using steel bands. It blocks the thumb or fingers from hitting the area of the roof of the mouth where they find it comfortable.

  • pendulum


    Uses a .36 lingual sheat to correct class II malocclusion without straining the lower arch. Springs should be fixed or removable when they are in TMA. Appliance should be either welded to bands or bonded to premolars.

  • quad-helix

    Quad Helix

    Attached to molars by 2 bands and has 2 or 4 active helix springs to widen the arch. Made from stainless steel wire, a variety of this appliance is inserted into attachments, welded to the bands in order to adjust without removing them.

  • lingual-bonding

    Lingual Bonding

    First order thickness compensations are extremely reduced and we can provide the drawing chart of the start and end of the treatment.

  • labial-bonding

    Labial Bonding

    Vestibular indirect bonding is the most efficient and profitable placement method for brackets, it takes less than 10 minutes per arch.

  • lingual-retainers

    Lingual Retainers

    Available in .020 stainless steel, .215 respond, .215 triple flex or fiber & resin. All lingual retainers are yet bonded in transfer tray.


A particular type of orthodontic treatment using removable appliances made with silicone elastomer. The appliances are simple in fabrication and function, easy to use and safe; various colours are available.

Study Models

Study models are designed and fabricated by our technical expert team. All models made of extra white plaster are available mat or shiny.

  • retention-appliances-1

    Retention Appliances

    Thermoformed appliances are made out of different materials and may be offered with various thicknesses.

  • positioners


    Manufactured on set-up or in application; non-toxic, hypoallergenic, with a low rate of water absorption; 3 levels of hardness available, wide range of colours.

  • laminated-mouth-protection

    Laminated Mouth-Protection

    Use for sports with less frequent impacts (i.e. rugby, hockey etc.) or simple layer for low-contact sport (not for combat sports).

  • tweed

    Tweed Study Models

    With occlusion on posterior regions only.

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